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xx/xx/1960 Built at Swindon works to lot number 446.

29/01/1961 Reported complete in "A" shop of Swindon works as D2145 in green and classified D2/2 under the 1955 BTC loco classification codes.

xx/02/1961 Allocated to 82C (Swindon).

xx/12/1961 Allocated to 82E (Bristol Barrow Road). Reclassified Class 2/1 under the 1962 loco classification codes.

xx/11/1964 Allocated to 82A (Bristol Bath Road).

30/05/1965 In Swindon works for modifications including cut down cab & multi working fitting.

xx/07/1965 Released from works and allocated to 87E (Swansea Landore), still in green livery.

03/09/1967 In Swindon works for overhaul and repaint emerging in BR blue as D2145 with block-serif numbers over a double arrow logo on the cabside. Returned to 87E after overhaul.

xx/11/1969 Shed code changed to 87A.

xx/12/1969 Stored at Burry Port for a short while but quickly returned to service.

xx/05/1973 Shed code changed to LE (Landore).

xx/02/1974 Renumbered to 03145.

10/08/1975 Sent to Doncaster works for overhaul and noted in the Crimpsall shop. Returned to Landore after overhaul.

31/07/1982 Noted at Gloucester en route for general overhaul at Swindon works.

xx/11/1982 Outshopped from Swindon and returned to Landore.

xx/11/1984 Stored unserviceable with bent number 1 cylinder valve rods.

15/05/1985 Withdrawn from service.

07/08/1985 Stored at Swansea Maliphant carriage sidings.

17/10/1985 Sold to C.F. Booth for scrap and departed for Rotherham with 03141 & 03151 but only reached Severn Tunnel Junction.

23/10/1985 Departed Severn Tunnel Junction for Rotherham for a second time with 03151 but suffered a hot box and was stopped at Gloucester. (03151 left for Rotherham, arriving on 24th Oct 1985 and was cut up by 2nd Nov 1985).

xx/06/1986 Left Gloucester by road for De Mulder & Sons Metal Dealers, Earl Shilton near Coventry. (where it was reunited with 03141 from Severn Tunnel Junction).

xx/09/2000 Sold to Cotswold Rail and moved to the Fire Training Centre at Moreton in Marsh.

02/07/2001 Loco inspected by members of the D2578 Locomotive Group with a view to possible purchase.

30/07/2001 Loco purchased by the D2578 Locomotive Group.

06/08/2001 Loco moved from Moreton in Marsh to Moreton Park industrial estate, Moreton on Lugg.

19/08/2001 Loco started and moved under its own power for the first time in preservation.

19/10/2002 External repaint completed.

16/10/2004 Loco used to operate the first public passenger service of the Moreton Park rail system for the “Branch Line Society”.

19/06/2005 Loco used for the second time for a BLS visit to Moreton Park.

18/09/2005 Loco currently in use but due to be taken out of service for overhaul once restoration of D2578 has been completed.

03/06/2007 The public debut of restored D2578 also featured 03145 in action for a BLS/PLEG visit.

12/10/2008 03145 & D2578 were utilised for trips around the Moreton Park site for a re-run of the 2007 event.

16/11/2008 03145 was used alongside D2578 for a private party to celebrate the 50th birthday of D2578.


TOPS number series: 03004-03399

1948 BR number range: 11187-11211 (not carried)

1957 BR number range: D2000-D2199, D2370-D2399

Former class codes: DJ15, then D2/2, 2/1

Built by: BR Swindon and Doncaster

Year introduced: 1957-1962

Wheel arrangement: 0-6-0

Weight: 30.3 tonnes

Height: 12ft 3½ in - See note below

Length: 26ft 0in

Width: 8ft 6in

Wheelbase: 9ft 0in

Wheel diameter: 3ft 7in

Min curve negotiable: 2 chains

Engine type: Gardner 8L3

Engine output: 204hp at 1200 r.p.m

Power at rail: 152hp

Tractive effort: 15,300lb

Cylinder bore: 5½ in

Cylinder stroke: 7¾ in

Maximum speed: 28½ mph

Loco Brake type: Air

Train Brake type: Vacuum, some rebuilt with dual brakes

Brake force: 13 tonnes

Route availability: 1

Heating type: Not fitted

Multiple working type: Not fitted - See note below

Transmission: Mechanical - Vulcan-Sinclair type 23 fluid coupling, Wilson 5 speed epicyclic gearbox, Self changing gears final drive unit

Fuel tank capacity: 300 gallons (1,364 litres)

Cooling water capacity: 40 gallons (182 litres)

Lug oil capacity: 8 gallons (36 litres)

Sanding equipment: Pneumatic

Note: Locos D2143, D2146, 03119, 03120, 03141, 03142, 03144, 03145, 03151 & 03152 were rebuilt with cabs lowered by 6 inches and were fitted for multiple operation of two loco's together (cab to cab) for BPGV line operation.

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