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xx/xx/1960 Built by Drewry Car Co. Ltd. (Works Number 2683)

xx/xx/1960 Built at RSH Darlington (Works number 8161)

31/10/1960 Entered service as D2302, Allocated to Lincoln (40A)

16/09/1961 Re-allocated to Langwith Jcn, Shirebrook (41J)

28/11/1965 Photographed at Littleworth

xx/01/1966 Re-allocated to Colwick (16B)

16/04/1967 Observed @ Derby works Klondyke Sidings

24/09/1967 Observed @ Derby Etches Park.

02/12/1967 Re-allocated to Derby (16C)

11/02/1968 Observed @ Derby Shed

24/04/1968 Observed @ Derby Shed

22/09/1968 Observed @ Derby Etches Park.

23/06/1969 Withdrawn from service

xx/08/1969 Sold for industrial use to Britich Sugar Company, Woodston Factory, Peterborough

xx/10/1969 Moved to British Sugar Company, Allscott Factory, Shropshire

07/11/1970 Observed @ Allscott

12/07/1983 Sold for industrial use to G.G. Papworth, Queen Adelaide, Ely

xx/08/1983 Observed @ Papworth sidings, Ely

31/03/1987 Observed @ Papworth sidings, Ely

xx/09/1988 Observed @ Papworth sidings, Ely

xx/xx/1989? Sold for industrial use to The Potter Group, Ely

02/08/1990 Observed @ Potter Group, Ely

25/09/1993 Sold for preservation to South Yorkshire Railway, Meadowhall

02/04/1994 Observed @ Meadowhall

23/08/1997 Observed @ Meadowhall

16/03/2001 Moved to Rutland Railway Museum, Cottesmore (HNRC)

20/05/2002 Observed @ Cottesmore

13/09/2003 Observed @ Cottesmore

18/05/2004 Moved to Barrow Hill Roundhouse (HNRC)

11/07/2004 Loco used on passenger shuttles at Barrow Hill.

05/10/2011 Loco inspected by D2578 members at Barrow Hill with a view to purchase.

03/11/2011 2nd visit to Barrow Hill to inspect loco

15/11/2011 Loco bought by Private individual from Harry Needle Railroad Company.

16/11/2011 Loco moved from Barrow Hill to Moreton Park, Herefordshire

21/04/2014 Loco successfully started for the first time at Moreton Park.

03/05/2015 Loco makes its Moreton Park passenger debut.


TOPS number series: n/a

1948 BR number range: 11187-11211 (not carried)

1957 BR number range: D2274-D2340 - See note below

Former class codes: DJ12, then D2/12, 2/1

Built by: RSH Ltd Darlington - See note below

Year introduced: 1957-1962

Wheel arrangement: 0-6-0

Weight: 32.1 tonnes

Height: 12ft

Length: 26ft 0in

Width: 8ft 7in

Wheelbase: 9ft 0in

Wheel diameter: 3ft 7in

Min curve negotiable: 2 chains

Engine type: Gardner 8L3

Engine output: 204hp at 1200 r.p.m

Power at rail: 152hp

Tractive effort: 15,285lb

Cylinder bore: 5 in

Cylinder stroke: 7 in

Maximum speed: 28 mph

Loco Brake type: Air

Train Brake type: Vacuum

Brake force: 13 tonnes

Route availability: 2

Heating type: Not fitted

Multiple working type: Not fitted

Transmission: Mechanical - Fluidrive type 23 HYD, Final drive - SCG RF11

Gear Ratio: First - 4.07:1, Second - 2.33:1, Third - 1.55:1, Fourth - 1:1, Fifth - 1:1.87 (Overdrive)

Fuel tank capacity: 280 gallons

Cooling water capacity: 40 gallons (182 litres)

Lug oil capacity: 8 gallons (36 litres)

Sanding equipment: Pneumatic

Note: Above data applies to D2302. Loco built for the Drewry Car Co. Ltd. (Works Number 2683) at the RSH Darlington (Works number 8161). The number range of other locomotives in the class was D2200-2340. All built for the Drewry Car Co. Ltd at a variety of works over many years with a number of detail differences. Allocated TOPS class 04 but never carried by locomotives

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