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xx/07/1958 Built by the Hunslet Engine Company of Leeds. (air receivers have a test date of August 1958), and given the works number 5460. The 1955 B.T.C. classification codes classed the loco as D2/9.

xx/11/1958 Delivered to British Railways in green livery as D2578 and allocated to 62A, Thornton junction shed, from 18/11/58.

xx/xx/1962 Loco reclassified as class 2/15

xx/xx/1965 Given works overhaul at either Cowlairs or Inverurie (latter is favourite) at which time modifications made to air system and receivers. By the time of the works visit the loco had acquired yellow and black stripes either end.

07/07/1967 Withdrawn from service by British Railways.

05/11/1967 Noted dumped on Thornton shed with D2559. By this time loco had swapped wheelsets with D2576.

xx12/1967 Loco sold to Hunslets along with D2584 and following overhaul was sold to H.P. Bulmers Limited, Hereford. Painted all over Bulmers green with yellow and black warning stipes on the buffer beams and red radiator cover. Loco also acquired a copper capped chimney.

27/06/1968 Noted at Hunslets works with new works plate, (works number 6999), ready for delivery to Bulmers.

xx/07/1968 Arrived Bulmers and numbered as “2”.

13/11/1968 Loco named "Cider Queen" at the opening of the new Bulmers rail facilities. (also first public steaming of newly restored ex G.W.R. loco King George V and the Bulmers cider train). Loco registered to run over British Rail lines and given B.T.C. registration number 3393.

08/07/1971 Loco hauled the first "privately owned diesel railtour" on a B.R. main line, when it worked a brake van special from Hereford Barrs Court station to R.A.O.C. Moreton on Lugg for the 6000 Locomotive Association.

08/04/1985 Loco used on the Bulmers Steam Centre brake van rides, an occasional weekend job when steam wasn't in use.

01/06/2001 Loco sold to the D2578 Locomotive Group.

16/06/2001 Loco was successfully started and moved under its own power for the first time in preservation.

06/08/2001 Loco moved to Moreton Park, Moreton on Lugg after 33 years residency at H.P. Bulmers, Hereford.

18/06/2005 External restoration almost finished but cab refitting, repainting and some mechanical work is still ongoing.

03/06/2007 A visit to Moreton Park was organised by the BLS & PLEG and featured the debut run in preservation of a fully restored D2578.

16/11/2008 A private party was hosted for group members and friends to celebrate the 50th birthday of D2578.

02/06/2009 D2578 departed Hereford for the first time in over forty years for a weekend visit to the Middleton Railway diesel gala.

08/06/2009 Following its visit to Leeds and a photostop outside its birthplace, D2578 returned to Moreton Park.

Additional information

During restoration the loco has been found to be in almost original condition as withdrawn by B.R. in 1967.

The overhaul by Hunslets in 1968 did not seem to alter any part of the loco. No parts from D2584 (which was sold to Hunslets at the same time as D2578 and according to most enthusiast’s books donated parts for the overhaul) have been found.

However, there are parts of the loco that have works numbers belonging to other locos of the class:-
D2576 - The wheelsets, axleboxes, coupling rods and some bonnet doors.
D2577 - The gearbox.
D2579 - The fuel tank/bonnet top.
D2580 - Some bonnet doors.
D2583 - Some bonnet doors.
D2586 - Axlebox oil feed reservoirs.


TOPS number series: 05001

1948 BR number range: 11136-11143, 11161-11176

1957 BR number range: D2550-D2618

Former class codes: DJ13* or DJ13/2. Later D2/8* or D2/9, 2/15A* or 2/15

Built by: Hunslet Engine Company, Leeds

Year introduced: 1955-1961

Wheel arrangement: 0-6-0

Weight : 31 tonnes* or 32 tonnes

Height: 11ft 0in* or 11ft 11in

Length: 25ft 4in

Width: 8ft 3in

Wheelbase: 9ft 0in

Wheel diameter: 3ft 4in* or 3ft 9in

Min curve negotiable: 1.82 chains (120 feet)

Engine type: Gardner 8L3

Engine output: 204hp at 1200 r.p.m.

Power at rail: 152hp

Tractive effort: 14,500lb* or 17,400lb

Cylinder bore: 5½ in

Cylinder stroke: 7¾ in

Maximum speed: 18 mph* or 20 mph

Loco Brake type: Air

Train Brake type: Vacuum

Brake force: 21 tonnes

Route availability: 2

Heating type: Not fitted

Multiple working type: Not fitted

Transmission: Mechanical - Hunslet patent friction clutch, Hunslet 4 speed gearbox, Hunslet final drive unit

Fuel tank capacity: 350 gallons

Cooling water capacity: 40 gallons

Lug oil capacity: 8 gallons

Sanding equipment: Pneumatic

Note: Details marked with * apply to locomotives numbered in the range D2550 – D2573

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